All photos are mine (I'm not a photographer anyway, and I'm French... but maybe you guessed it just by reading !).

Post-processing has been done with Lightroom (different versions thru the years).

I try to keep the natural and original feeling of what I saw, without trying to "overprocess" the picture.
Where does end enhancement and begin transformation ? We could endlessly debate about this. But this is not the place :-).

Some photos have GPS conding, others don't (the older ones). In this last case, I've just coded the area roughly...

What did I use for this site ?

This site is also an amateur one, all done by myself using CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript. I've used some useful tools found on the web.

I've tried to build a responsive site. If you find bugs (I'm sure there's not only one even if I tested extensively), you can contact me by mail (see Contact section below).

Maps are generated by Leaflet (Leaflet), an open-source JavaScript library.

Infinite scroll is handled by Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin (Infinite Ajax Scroll) using the jQuery library.


Interface is simple. On bigger screens, navigation bar is at the top :

For smaller devices (depending on their sizes... there's a lot !), presentation is a bit different. Menu is shown by clicking/touching the "hamburger" icon at the top right.

Menu opens...

Section vidéos

For some galleries, there is a video section. It can be reached by clicking on the button above the gallery.

Once in the video section, the same button at the same place allows you to come back if needed to the photo section

And that's all...


About this site : gkc at gkcphotos dot com.

You can follow me on Instagram : gueule.kc